Before I stunted my yellow bell pepper plants I at first thought what were actually buds were tiny peppers just starting to grow. As they swelled into flowers instead I remembered pollination was necessary.

At one point I had over a dozen growing but only three have survived long enough to start to turn yellow. But while those three are very slowly ripening tiny bell peppers have begun forming all by themselves, without flowering first.

Since it seems to defy growing and fruiting logic is it analogous to the peppers that try to grow inside standard bell peppers?

Fruits never form without flowers (neccessary parts involved in fruit anatomy are not there) and they rarely form without pollination. But pollination can occur by itself. With wind or insects.
A picture of the would of course help.

Sorry, this is the best I could do for a photo of the only plant of my 3 ‘peppers of the Apocalypse’ that has those tiny peppers left bearing an even tinier little bit of a yellow blossom remnant? in their center. They’ve been falling off because their stem shrivels up. It’s been weeks since I last saw blossoms such as appeared when the plants were much healthier; that’s why these little peppers puzzle me.



Priit (CG gardener)

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Thanks for the pic!
Yes, a bit weird indeed. There are basically no leaves left for the plant on the first pic. So I would pick the fruit and start a new pod instead. Maybe the plant does not feel well and therefore forms strange fruits…

Maybe someone else can comment on the pseudopepper question.