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Hello! I sent these questions to the “press” section of the website for an article on Yummy Plants about home gardens. I was directed here.

  1. Are the seeds organic or non-GMO?

  2. Are the seed pods eco-friendly? Made from what material? (The support articles say the pods are biodegradable but don’t say if these need to be commercially composted or if regular trash disposal is fine.)

  3. What type of light do these indoor gardens emit? Is this light safe for human eyes? Impact on pets?

  4. For the “smart garden 27,” will the shelving system work for users to bring outdoor potted plants inside to survive the winter under the Click & Grow lights?

Thanks for your help.
Rebecca Gilbert
Founder, Yummy Plants

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Hi @Rebecca,

Thank you for showing interest in Click and Grow! :green_heart:

  1. The seeds that are used in plant pods are the highest in quality (we do a lot of in-house quality testing) and free from harmful chemicals (e.g. fungicides) and other protective coatings. We use clean and untreated seeds only! We use non-GMO cultivars that are carefully chosen to provide maximum yield or flower performance in a smart garden.

  2. The plant pods are eco friendly, the main components are peat and coconut fiber. Regular trash disposal is fine, but it would make more sense if used plant pods (as it is organic material) would end up in bio trash or in a homemade compost heap. Of course, it depends on what is more feasible for the end-user. Please keep in mind that the plastic parts e.g. cups are reusable.

  3. As to any lights, no one should stare directly to any lamp in any case. Click and Grow uses white and a mix of white and red LEDs that are safe to use indoors and in all living spaces. The lamp is equipped with specially designed lenses that minimize light pollution and make sure that all light is projected on the plants.

  4. The smart garden 27 comes with custom-designed shelves that hold three smart garden 9s. It is probably possible to DIY it somehow, but as the lamp is attached to a smart garden and adjusted to a specific height to promote the growth of the plant pods, it might be difficult to customize it to other plants.
    Bringing outdoor potted plants indoors poses a risk of bringing pests and plant diseases indoors. Outdoor potted plants should be carefully monitored as the pest/disease control is much more complicated indoors.

I hope you find these answers useful. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get back to us!



Thanks so much for the info!

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