Scented Flowers

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing as a complete novice gardener. Currently i have three pods each of basil, mint, and parsley growing.

I am thinking of installing some flowers for the summer. I am concerned with regard to growing times and would like to know the best flowers that could achieve a floral aroma.

Any response of options available would be much appreciated. If growing and flowering durations could be included fantastic.



In my experience Petunia has the nicest and sweetest scent.

You can find more info about that plant under plant care tips on the web (under each plant pod).

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I agree with Mirjam, petunia has a delightful scent and I personally also like lavender.
If you’re interested in flowers with bold colors, I’d recommend cornflower or busy lizzie. They don’t have a particularly sweet smell, but they look beautiful.

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And the Click & Grow plant with the sweetest smell is Sweet Alyssum! At least in my opinion :smiley:

Flowers grow fast during summer months. So sometimes I transplant my full grown flowers outside (In a random spot in the city for example). This way I can start new ones faster.


Click & Grow flower collection has a new addition - Black Pansy. It smells great. :wink: