Smart gardens affected by pests, mold

Hey C&G gardeners,

I want to reach out because my indoor garden is not doing as well as it used to. The first two batches worked great but as I had moved on, their growing has been slowed and now several are growing mold and there are many mini bugs (i believe plant lices) in them.

I will attach some of the current pictures and hope that you can provide a recommendation how to target this. Maybe a plant that introduced with the experimental soil was the reason, but now every new addition gets impacted by this as you will notice.

I added some cinnamon directly to the soil, I just planted lavender but the problem still remains. I appreciate the tips that you can provide as experts.

Best, Igor

Here are some more pics, they are only 1 allowed per post because I’m a new member. Hope this helps.

Hi @isepulvedag , welcome to the community!

Really sorry to see that you are encountering such problems. First thing I notice is that some of the plants seems aged, the plants last up to date should be kept in mind while growing. But, this is obviously not the only issue here.

Indeed, it seems that pests have contaminated your garden. It might be aphids, but it might also be thrips. If possible, please try to take a closer photo of the bugs and the damage. If we can identify the pest, we can provide care procedures more in detail.

Anyways, despite the pests type, first I would recommend to clean up all of your gardens, remove all plants and carefully monitor any other house plants or fresh produce nearby. It usually takes just one pest to start the colony again. It would also make sense to take a little break in growing and start a new round in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Mirjam for the advise, i’ll try the tips mentioned and here you have a closer look at the bugs and the damage. I tried to send several at once but I’m not allowed yet.

Regarding the little break, i’ll try to solve this with the partial solutions once again and in case this is not working then will take a break. Hopefully before the spring, I can restart with the 27 pots growing at the same time again.

I tried to attached a short video of the roots of one plant. Now I’m not allowed for been a new user, let me know how I can skip this. This shows an older pod as you pointed out but shows better the issue. I have some pods started 4 weeks ago with the same issue, and some 10 days old starting to show symptoms.

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Really looking forward to seeing more pics, to figure out who has destroyed your plants.

Definitely keep us posted on how the next round turns out to be.

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Let’s see if this works.

(Attachment is missing)

Tried to send you the video. It failed so here you have a link to it:

Best, Igor