Thai Basil?


Has anyone tried the Thai Basil pod? I make some red curries, and it would be nice to have the basil on hand as it’s hit-or-miss whether or not the grocery store will have it in stock. Just wondering if it grows well in Click and Grow. Too bad I don’t have any space for it currently… need another garden :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve grown it successfully, I’m located in Northern-Europe. I didn’t have any problems with it, it grew nice and lush.
Having many gardens is an advantage indeed :smiley: . I currently own Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9, so I have 12 holes for experimenting.


I’ve grown it and it is delicious. My local grocery stores don’t carry it so glad I can grow it. Have 2 more pods growing now to transfer to the outside herb garden soon. Your post was in January so you probably have already gotten pods by now.


I just used two experimental pods for another type of Thai basil, it came up really well. I’m located in Sweden.