Tiny Black Spots On My Peppermint

My peppermint pod has been doing great so far! But now there are tiny black spots on a couple of the plants. I feel like I should I just cut those few stems all the way down to eliminate them… Let me know!
Thank you!


Peppermint leaves tend to turn blackish after being touched to enjoy the scent of it. But, this pattern is a bit unusual for that.
It kinda resembles trips damage, but I can be wrong.

I would remove those stems asap and carefully monitor all plants. If it really is some kind of pest- well, it is quite difficult to get rid of.


Thank you! I will do that asap!

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So if the problem IS indeed thrips or some other pest, that would be reflected on my other plants, right? So here’s my CG9. My tomato leaves are all turning brown and wilting, but it’s the end of the life cycle for them, so that’s normal, right?
Is it normal for the very tips of my strawberry leaves to start turning brown this soon?

Also this is my baby lavander and it has a little brown spot too… :confused::confused::confused:20181222_102526

Hi! Thanks for adding all of those pics. Your plants look nice and the good news is that I can’t see any actual pests. But yes, if you would have pests on one plant- all plants are vulnerable.
If you have some leaves browning it is quite normal and it happens to the most of us growers, unfortunately.