Tomato problems

Where to purchase proper sticks for staking tomato plant.

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You don’t need to purchase sticks meant specifically for staking. Really anything slender and long will work, such as coffee stirrers or chopsticks. I actually used used string to tie my tomato plants to the overhead light instead of staking since some of the branches got heavy, but reached too far out to be staked.

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Thank You for you’re help.

Hi @Mikey1

I use barbecue skewers. They’re way too long but have very nice points that are kinder to the root system. I have some at an angle and have not poked out an eye yet although that would be a concern in some situations. For ties, I used craft chenille thingies that used to be known as pipe cleaners.

Not a world beating answer but it gives you an idea of the variety of fixes we employ.stakes tie

Be safe.


I see that Amazon sells bamboo skewers in all lengths. Will the 15" skewers be long enough? They can be cut shorter, but anything longer would go above the LED lights.

Thanks , I have been able to find them from a super market.
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