Unhealthy Plants

I purchased a Smart Garden 9 about 2 months ago. I have your original 3 plant garden which I love and is the reason I purchased the 9. I planted mini tomatoes, mini strawberries, green lettuce, and yellow peppers. The green lettuce sprouted very quickly bit then immediately died. One of the peppers did not fully sprout and produced a green substance around the pod. The strawberries and tomatoes looked to be doing well but turned brown shortly after the lettuce died. Do you have any suggestions for what may have happened? I threw away the lettuce pods as there did not appear to be any chance in recouping them.

I am using the same water as I have done for months on my Smart Garden 3 with no issues. I have a Click and Grow basil, lemon balm, and other yellow peppers that have been re-potted and are doing well.


This looks really severe and acute. Did the plants dry through?
If not, did they freeze or did they burn?

I’m suffering the same. I have two smart gardens and grown many a successful crop. However the last change I did, some plugs failed to grow and soil turned moldy and others grew a bit but quickly turned mouldy and died. I’ve eeplanted with fresh plugs and exactly the same problem. I’ve popped into conran shop and they are suffering the same issue with their display models. I’m starting to think it’s a issue with the soil?

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Hey! Sad to hear.
Soil always contains spores, fungi and bacteria. It is a natural product.
However during some time of the year, some of these creatures make a spurt.
Usually a plant can overgrow them. It is a competition.
But sometimes it goes otherwise.

Our soil patches differ a bit also. I think trying again Will make everything okay.

I’m having the same problem. I cleared out my SG9 of all plants, cleaned everything thoroughly and replanted but ended up with 9 very unhappy plants, all with black dots that spread until they cover the whole plant. Any idea what they are and what to do about them? I’ve successfully grown plenty of fruits and veg outdoors and never seen anything like this.

Sometimes there are fungal diseases flying around. Sometimes it’s a good season for them. In my greenhouse, all plants have white spots on the leaves. I don’t like it, but there is not much I can do. I will not poison my greenhouse!
It just might be a good time for the fungus to grow. So be it. I’m planting again.

Growing again and again makes a gardener.

black spots can be a fungal disease or bugs also. Do you have any pics?

I had a similar problem with my Wild Strawberry, it died off but the soil was moist. Then I learned thanks to the customer support that the water level was too high and the roots were rotten (brown). I started it again and the next round was ok. + I thinned the plants and the result was much better.


Strawberry can be very picky sometimes. But then getting that plant to fruit during Christmas. Worth the effort!

Hi Mirjam, here are some pictures of the poor little things.

and anotherInfectedPlant1

Do you see spider webs anywhere? To me it looks like spidermites.

I don’t recall seeing any spiderwebs but I’ll have a look when I get home. How close do they need to be to pose a problem?

Spidermites live on the plant. They are very small.
Maybe it is something else, but from the photo it looks, that someone small is eating your plants.

thanks for the pics. Something is definitely eating your plants. Hard to tell by the picture, but this damage is very similar caused by thrips larvae. They are extremely small and difficult to spot, but if you touch the plant or remove the lid you may see some movement.

I suggest you to get rid of those plants asap and clean your garden(s) carefully. There is also an article how to do that and some more info about bugs: https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009431968-General-plant-health-care-tips-and-tricks

If you have any questions let us know. Good luck!

Thanks! Do you happen to know if there is anything I can use to sterilize the smart garden to ensure there’s nothing left to infect future plants?

Nothing crazy is needed. Just wash thoroughly with soap.

It would also help if you clean the garden including cavities with cutasept (or vodka). Also, if you have more plants growing indoors- keep an eye on them. Insects are experts in hiding and there might be more surprises.

I would avoid putting Cutasept or other harsh chemicals on the wicks. They are a bit sensitive.

I have had thrips once on my plants. The key is to get rid of all bugs… and I mean all of them. You can clean it up nicely, but if there is even one of them still indoors- it will make a progeny soon again and you’ll have new bad crop in a month again.

I finally got rid of them, when I used vacuum cleaner like crazy and had a small pause in growing plants (so they would not have anything to eat). Also, I placed some glue traps and successfully catched some adult thrips (fat tiny back flies).