What does "harvest whole plant" mean

I’ve read the instructions about caring for plants but I don’t know what it means when I read “harvest the whole plant.”

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it means that it is recommended to harvest all the produce, because it is probably ready for you.

What are you growing?

Thank you Mirjam. I’m growing the starter kit—tomatoes, basil, and lettuce. When you “harvest,” do you just pull everything off or what?

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Yes, all in one go if the pod has reached its maximum age. It is marked “lasts up to” on the package or under plant care on the web or on the app.

Here is one video how to harvest green lettuce.

Thanks so much Mirjam. Very helpful video. I’m not a gardener so some of these “how to’s” are new to me.

:slight_smile: gardening is a good hobby to start with at any age!