What's clean when it comes to wicks?

I’ve “harvested” my mini-tomato crop and am getting ready for my seed starting experimentation. I’ve cleaned everything but am a tad concerned about the wicks. You can barely see it on my photo but there’s a darkness that runs up 1/4 on one of them (and just the top on another). I’ve cleaned them well but wonder what else I might do. I’m not wild about delaying my project to order new wicks. I can use Dettol or another disinfectant and rinse thoroughly so that any nastiness is cleared even if the dark area remains. What would be your advice?


Meanwhile, here’s the harvest (less a few that are still on the vine):


The vine, you ask. Yup. I did it again. I’ve transplanted all three tomato plants into a pot. Not to keep them going particularly but to let the last bit of fruit ripen if I can. They’re scruffy but hanging in there!

You can see part of the basil next to the tomatoes. It’s a healthy, lovely plant and we periodically give it a haircut (when there’s enough for tea) and it gets fed occasionally. It’s really doing very well. Talk about bang for the buck!!

I’m very, very happy with my experiences with my SG3. What a great purchase that was!!

I hope to hear back about the wick situation.


Be safe.

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