When remove plastic U on veggies?


My garden is growing fast, first timer working on green thumb! When do I remove addl. cover. As u can see they are flourishing. Wish I could say same for my strawberries. Thanks for your input and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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Here, I don’t think my picture took

Hi @Jenz,

you should leave the u-shape lids on at all times, it covers the soil just as much as needed and also keeps the plant pod nicely intact.

It would be helpful to download the app, register your garden, and add plants that you are growing. It will provide you general plant info under the plant catalog and timed tips for every plant.

Tell me more about about your strawberry, has it sprouted by now?


Thanks for response! I wish app worked, downloaded and didnt work. I think it has glitches.

My strawberries … one has sprouted just tall enough that yesterday removed dome. The other strawberry planted same day Nov. 21st is stagnant, doing nothing unfortunately. Every day I get psyched and hope I will see growth but so far none.

Thanks for info to keep plastic U on. I have question as to what to do w Petunias which look strangled by small entrance & I was unsure if I was to pull/thin them out?

The Petunias are ‘special’ to me because they were my grandmother’s favorite and I so want them to flourish! :grin: