Which plants do best in each garden?

Because I’m puzzled that you show bell peppers growing in your smaller SG3 which lacks red lights, I want to know specifically which fruiting plants—tomatoes and chili peppers aside since I can’t eat those—do best in which of your gardens. Thanks!

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Generally all fruiting plants do better in SG9 with the additional red light.
Herbs do well in SG3 without the red light.

Generally SG9 has a bit more lighting power than the SG3, so I prefer that one.


I think a great recipe for the SG3 is Dwarf basil, thyme and Marjoram

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Interesting! I bought a SG9 especially for herbs :herb:…which should be fine, right?

Are there any adjustments I should do to optimize the amount of light they get?

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Herbs grow totally fine in SG9.

Just use one pair of extensions at all times. This is the perfect length for the white and red light to mix. No more adjustments are needed.
If your herbs grow too tall and are about to the reach the lamp- just trim the plants. There are pretty good plant care tips online for that!

Happy growing!

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Are there a reason for not having a red light on the C&G 3?

Yeah, we can’t get the light to distribute evenly. SG9 works much much better regarding that.