Strawberries in CG3?

My husband has bought me the CG3 for Valentine’s Day and the strawberry plugs. I was really excited as I have a greenhouse and raised beds outside and some pots of herbs on the windowsill but we live in Northern Scotland so can only grow fresh berries outside in a fairly short season.
However, I’ve read on here that fruit needs a red light to grow and that’s not in the CG3. Is it worth setting it up or should I keep everything in the packaging and return? Is there a way to change one of the white lights for red? I’m not really interested in growing the basil in it because I can buy that and a lot of other herbs in the supermarket really cheaply and they grow fine on my kitchen windowsill for a few months.


I too would like too know if it is ok to grow strawberries in the click and grow 3 and also if it is possible to grow them in the SHG

Hi, yes you can grow Wild Strawberry in all smart gardens. Yes, red light promotes growth and yielding of fruiting plants but it is also feasible with white light. It is also feasible in shg, but fruiting takes longer.

Just, in case of WS keep the plant care tips in mind. Especially thinning the pod and pollinating the flowers.