Why does my chives not want to grow?

all the other plants look great and are growing well, but the chives after 8 weeks are pathetic,and seem to die.

Hello @xicor!

Thanks for reaching out! It is not an ideal germination rate for Chives and we can offer you a replacement. Please write to our Support and write a replacement request here: https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=5864916215058

Also, I noticed the plant pods are looking very dry. Do they feel wet then poking them with a hand? If not it would be good to check the wicks and if they are getting enough water. After some time wicks may need cleaning or they’re past their prime - we have new wicks available on our webshop.

the wicks are brand new. (just got the device). they dont feel super dry,and the bottom of them is obviously wet, so the wicks are getting water into the dirt.

Also i had gotten a box of 9 chives and have used 4 of them so far. At first i thought the issue was that the device wasnt level, but i used a level and it is indeed level.

Alright, I’m pleased they are working properly.

Low germination can happen from time to time because Chives seeds tend to lose their viability rather quickly. You can write the package batch number (on the bottom of the package) to the Support and they will help you with the next details.

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