Wild strawberry pods

Hello, previously I had a successful experience with wild strawberries, so I bought 9 new pods of wild strawberries and clicked them in 29days ago… and only 4 pods sprouted and the other 5 are no shows… what should I do?


Hi @joann883, sorry to hear that!

What is the temperature range? Strawberries are a bit heat-sensitive. Other than that, as you probably have faulty pods, please submit a ticket to the support and also add a picture of it for them, faulty pods are usually replaced for free.

Also, a pro-tip for you! As Wild Strawberry requires thinning and keeping up to two seedlings per pod is recommended- transplant extra seedlings to those that have not shown any germination.

Thank you very much for your reply, I submitted a ticket with photos. Hopefully problem being sorted out :slight_smile:

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