Wild Strawberries no show

Why aren’t my wild strawberries growing. Now on the second pod and still no show


Really sorry to hear that @Ahari, do you have problems with sprouting? How long has it been since you planted it?

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There is no sign of any sprouting and they have been planted since 13 May

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How is the climate there at where you are? Unfortunately, Wild Strawberry is heat sensitive and grows best if the temperature range is between 18 °C–26 °C.

Regardless of that, if you have faulty plant pods, definitely let the support know. Faulty pods are usually replaced for free.

Thank you. I’ve emailed support services.

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Hi, I have a similar problem - I’ve put the wild strawberries almost a month ago, and they sprouted but are mini mini.

Do you think they will ever make it? Also, if I have next to this pod some other that are doing fine, and require lamp extension, will this affect the strawberries?


I have a similar problem everything but the strawberries have sprouted it’s not cold where they are but has only been 14 days do they take a lot longer than 2 weeks? just thought there would be some sign I have checked the pod and cannot see any seeds but don’t want to go poking around too much

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Hi @Amanda,

Wild Strawberry seeds are very tiny and almost the same color as the substrate, so it is not easy to spot them in the hole.
What is the temperature range? Wild Strawberry is a bit sensitive to heat.

I would give it another week and if it has not sprouted in three weeks since planting, then submit a ticket to the support, faulty pods are replaced for free.

Thank you Mirjam, I will give them a bit more time I have the heating on all day so it is warm for them but if nothing happens I will contact Support

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