Wild Strawberries no show

Why aren’t my wild strawberries growing. Now on the second pod and still no show


Really sorry to hear that @Ahari, do you have problems with sprouting? How long has it been since you planted it?

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There is no sign of any sprouting and they have been planted since 13 May

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How is the climate there at where you are? Unfortunately, Wild Strawberry is heat sensitive and grows best if the temperature range is between 18 °C–26 °C.

Regardless of that, if you have faulty plant pods, definitely let the support know. Faulty pods are usually replaced for free.

Thank you. I’ve emailed support services.

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Hi, I have a similar problem - I’ve put the wild strawberries almost a month ago, and they sprouted but are mini mini.

Do you think they will ever make it? Also, if I have next to this pod some other that are doing fine, and require lamp extension, will this affect the strawberries?