Worms in the soil

Hello, I noticed I have worms in my soil. I have a 9 pod garden and don’t want to throw everything away. Does anyone have the same problem and what is the solution? Thanks



Well, the easiest solution is to get rid of the plant pod. It will do good, if you only have the worms in only one plant pod. This will stop it to colonize your whole smart garden.

If you decide to keep the pod, take it out of the cup and give it a good rinse under running water and squeeze it gently a couple of times. Maybe you have success to wash all of them out. Then, also use some organic soap (or sulfur soap), that will make the environment unpleasant to the worms, but not for the plant.

Let us know If you managed to get rid of those pests.

I had similar transparent long worms in my petunia pod. They were eating away at the leaves. I used tweezers to pluck them out, since the worms were visible on the top of the pod. There were 4 worms in total. Once they were out, the plant took off.

I have the same problem in my dill. I tossed the dill. But I’ll try to spray my greens with a soap mixture… Any one think neem oil would work?