Spruce / worms

Hi there! So it’s been 38 days since I planted my Spruce tree. It finally grew but it has several worms in/on it! What do I do?

It really seems that someone is growing their young under the roots of your spruce.
I think the safest is to bath your plant in potassium permanganate solution. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium_permanganate)

It’s safe, ecological and you can get it from any pharmacy.

Chemical pesticides work too…

Thanks @Mirjam for the tip!

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Thanks for this. Would the plants still thrive if the solution or pesticide is not used?

Yeah, they probably would. But worms will grow into insects. And insects will mate and there will be more worms.

I like worms.


The safest thing is just to get rid of it and clean everything up. And then start growing again.


Yeah. But getting rid of it does not mean throwing it away - it can be planted outside.


Ivory liquid soap is also a good solution, plus it provides some nitrogen


Yep! I think the right term is Insecticidal soap. Safe and organic and delivers potassium.

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Hey! These little guys look pretty much similar on the photo, but I also wanted to ask for your opinion on this. Should Insecticidal soap be used here as well?

yes, but if there are worms in soil it would be best to get rid all of it.

Another problem is that this Thyme pod has only two plants. Has this been thinned? If not, then it should be replaced by us, because this is clearly not yielding.


This is not good for thyme. And I do see the worms. Get rid of the plug!

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Hello, what was the solution please? I have the same problem.

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