How to get rid of the bugs using natural remedies?

and are there natural remedies to rid bugs you suggest? @Mirjam @anninger.kari @priit

So every human on the planet consumes 400 grams of pesticides every year.
That is nice. Given that pesticide is by all classifications just poison.

I use two methods for pest control:

  1. Physically removing plant parts with disease/insects. Seems cruel, but it works.
  2. Starting new plants

What about things like neem oil?

Neem oil usually comes mixed with soap. I don’t like my herbs testing like soap.

For flowers it is okay. And green soap in plain form is also okay and effective.


How about some pest traps? They minimize the number of pests and have no contact with the plant itself. Also, pest traps are great for monitoring for seeing if there are any pests present at all.


Vacuum cleaner works very well too! Especially for fruit flies!


Yes! Vacuuming indeed works great

Nice graph! Are there any biopesticides that can easily be sprayed but that won’t alter the taste too much and that’ll be removed when plants are washed?

I actually have no idea about a spray which can be washed off and which has no taste. Anyone have any ideas?

If I were to make one myself - what could it consist of? Is there any way to concoct something up from things lying around in my house :grin:?

Fight club. Gives a neat recipe. For soap, I mean. @uwotm8

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I think it is difficult to use any spray (organic or not) indoors. Or, if the plants are super valuable, then do it is a bath tube? :thinking_face:
I have used green soap solution, because I’m not a fan of Neem oil. But only on ornamental plants, not on edible plants.
If there are bugs on my CG plants I would get rid of infected plants, clean my garden and start new pods. It is much cheaper that way and I’ll have clean plants.


Agree. Just removing infested parts works also sometimes.

Yeah, because they=bugs are real experts in hiding. Better to get rid of all before they make new progeny.

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Thankies! Good tips

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Just found this interesting thread and wondered whether it is possible to use predatory insects at home or offices? Such are offered for professional growers to use in greenhouses, and I have seen them used on plants at public places like a school hall. Have but no idea whether it is reasonable to use them at homes? Anyway, if one can make oneself cosy with some more bugs, it could be even pretty cool to bring some more action into one’s kitchen!