Keeping things pest free

I’ve just had another bout of greenfly. Really annoying. Closing everything down, cleaning and bleaching. Question 1, how long can the eggs or whatever last?

Luckily this is summer so I am growing lots on my patio. However I want a prevention strategy, as it’s always possible that one beastie gets in and zo don’t want to be fighting a losing battle again. Question 2;. Does anyone have a good preventative strategy?

I was thinking of:

  1. using the yellow sticky paper that attracts some bugs all the time.
  2. spraying the plants with soap and water at week two and three always … noted that after they get bigger than this it’s almost impossible to spray everywhere due to shading
  3. harvest on time … seems that after 7 weeks the leafy plants are more prone to getting sick

I already keep my system away from the kitchen where bugs from produce that I buy could jump on for a ride.

Any other thoughts or tips?

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You may bee talking about Aphids. They can be stopped if caught early. It appears that Diatomaceous Earth is a good one to use. It’s not a pesticide and works by desiccating the bodies of the aphids (and other pests) as they walk over the dry powder. Non toxic but not recommended to breath in.
I would also check this site for more ideas - Aphid Control: How to Get Rid of Aphids Effectively at Home



Aphids usually have multiple generations in a year and the eggs hatch in a week or so.

Preventative strategy points are all very relevant. Also rotating the ‘crops’ and keeping it clean will help to deal with pests.

This is really important to do harvests at the right time. Lettuces are ready to eat around 35-45 days, depending on the temperature too. In warmer climates the lettuce grows quickly (therefore ages fast, starts bolting, and will taste bad), also it just is customed to grow in colder temperatures.

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