Adding fertiliser

Hi, my basil plants are nearing the 90 day mark. I was wondering if I could add fertiliser directly into my CG3 reservoir to prolong its lifespan? If so, what’s a suitable % of fertiliser shall I add? Thanks

Indeed, at that age basil pods start to age rapidly as the “enjoy for” date is passing.
By that time the plant pod is usually full of roots and even rootbound and adding more plant food will give no relieve. Also, adding fertilizer to the water tank will do no good to your plants anyways, because fertilizer does not go through the watering system.

The best option to have more basil leaves is to:

  1. plant new plant pods (no hassle with the fertilizers)
  2. use stem cuttings and plant them into experimental pods
  3. transplant you whole basil plant pod to new ready-made gardening mix and to a slightly larger container.

If you have any questions, let us know!


Thank you for replying. Is there a guide from within CnG to do the stem cutting?

Hi, there is no actual guide how to do that, but it is super easy to do! Just cut as many stems as you like, that have at least two leaves on. The stems that are already a bit wooden tend to grow new roots easier. At that age, it could be that root nodules are already visible. Just root your cuttings in a glass of water and transplant them to soil if the roots become visible. If you want them keep them in a jar just change the water occasionally.
If you use experimental plant pod you can stick them in moist soil directly after cutting. The pod is moist enough to allow new roots to grow.

Happy growing!

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Nice! Will try that! Thanks for your help!

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