Avoid plant touching the light!

The cockscomb on the left is going to touch the light! How do I avoid that?

Put the pod in a flower pot and place the pot close to your garden so that it continues to absorb the light. You’ll need to water this, or buy a small automatic watering system from the dollar store.

You’ll want to move the plant so that it doesn’t burn by being close to the light, and also because it’s outgrown the pod. If you’re lucky you may also be able to produce more of these plants from cuttings, or transition the plant to a window.

This ok? I not sure the plant has enough light. Hope that Thanos will not do his snapping.


Looks good!
That should be enough light. If you get light in through that window in the background you could transition your plant to get half sunlight and half CG light and eventually maybe keep it in the window, depending on where you live.