Tansplanting plants

Guys , I dont have much light at home, so after the transplant, i depend on the click and grow lights to shine my transplanted plant next to the main system. Will light like that be suffieecent as it is not directly shiing strainght onto the plant?

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Hi, it really depends on what plant are you transplanting. If there isn’t any additional light source available e.g. the sun :slight_smile: then the CG lamp may not be sufficient, if the plant is placed just on the side of the smart garden.
It would be great if you could elaborate your case.

You can make foil reflectors to place around the unit and the transplants next to the unit. Or you can buy plant lights at nurseries, online or even Walmart. Have 2 bulb plant lights that work in desk lamps with goose necks to position how I want. And I bought small light bars and attached under each shelf on a bookcase to make a growing unit with a central plug in to plug them all in along with the units.