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Hi currently the click and grow cups are sold out, when will they be back in stock?

Heyo! We got the new shipment for all replacement parts shipped yesterday. They should arrive around next week, and we’ll be ready to offer them then as well.


It still says sold out

Hello ? It is still sold out. I check every day.

He did say that they would be ariving some time this week… not last week…

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Ha! I didn’t see that!

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Hey @Joonas I know you said [quote=“Joonas, post:2, topic:693”]
They should arrive around next week

But its still sold out?! When will it actually be back in stock?

Hello ? @Joonas ?

Hello @Joonas ?! Can u please tell me when they will actually be back in stock?! I check the website every day at least twice and they were still never restocked ! This is sad for the company i have been growing for almost 3 years trusting this company and u said they will be restocked in a week 3 WEEKS AGO ! Now i am unsure wether to trust this company?! I am very disappointed :frowning: !

Hey-hey, sorry 'bout the radio silence.
We’re making some changes with our warehousing. The previous stock that was sold out went through super fast so make sure to check back during Tuesday (I will follow up with our logistics team as well to get a more solid date on when the new-new stock is at the warehouse and ready to be shipped).

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Its still sold out

Hey @Joonas . Don’t mean to be super impatient but its still out of stock. Please at least tell me when its actually gonna be available. I understand you are making some changes with the warehouses and it might take a long time, but I never asked for it to be restocked earlier I just wanna know when will it be restocked ?

Finaly its in stock :slight_smile: :smile:

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