Black dots on oregano

Hello! My oregano is growing well. However, I just removed two leaves that had black dots on them (on picture). Does anyone know what could have caused them? And should removing those leaves be enough or should I discard the entire oregono pod? Thank you!

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This should be good if its on other leaves remove this to and if the whole thing has it u should discard the pod but as of now just make sure there are no other leaves with thos black dots.

Thank you so much!

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They were gone but now that the plant is taller they are coming back on several leaves. We have removed them all once more…however still not sure what these dots are. They don’t look like bugs.

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I have the same thing on my baby oregano plants I’m not sure what this is :thinking: :thought_balloon:

@Mirjam @priit
What do u think?

Not sure if I have to throw away the whole thing. Do you still have the problem with the spots Max?

I would wait and pray it doesn’t spread

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you did the right thing by removing the leaves with dots. Has it spread? More affected leaves? Also, if there is any, please provide a photo of the other side (bottom) of the leaf too. Then we can figure out, if it is a fungal infection or not.