Click and grow

Hey, any idea why I have not yet received my system from Kickstarter?

I suggest you open an official ticket with support by sending an email to and include your all the info about your backer status.

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Kickstarter kit? Wasn’t that something like pre 2020 if at all?!

And I still have not received it.

Ah the large 25 pod kit… totally forgot that there was a kickstarter for it.

Hello @Mrlamb

The Click and Grow 25 device was launched on May 11, 2021, and the first shipments were made by July 22, 2022. If you still have not received any confirmation or letter regarding your pledge from Kickstarter or us then please get in touch with our support as @Zaccheus already mentioned.

Probably some of the backers haven’t gotten the device because there was a survey through Kickstarter to confirm shipping details and address.

A month ago we released accessories for CG25 - check out our official website for that: