Anyone else getting horrible customer service?


I’ve been trying to return a Christmas gift for 2 months now, and after answering all their questions, they have stopped contacting me. Really upset with this company right now.


Hey Shawn. Sorry to hear if our latest responses from February did not reach you.

As brought out from last time then we would need you to please forward us the shipping details, your full name, phone number, as well as the package dimensions and weight!

Then we can get the package brought back and refunded ASAP.

Also, we have an on-going ticket with you right now, so please respond in that thread.

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I’ve responded twice in that thread, not sure why it’s not going through. Just tried again now.


I’ve had wonderful customer service when I’ve had an issue with them responding within 24 hrs. Did you check your spam folder? I check mine once a week and find emails that have gotten diverted there instead of my inbox. Found a C&G email there before.

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