No response from Support Team

I’ve been trying to receive a response to my queries on your support team, and nobody seems to be getting back. I have now open multiple ticket in the hope that a notification may be made.

The pods have not been sent, and support has not resolved this issue. They have gone radio silent.

This has been horrendous Customer Service & Care experience.

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Hi There,

We are so sorry on the delay! Could you please forward the email you used for contacting Support? Thank you!



It seems like hitting up all your different channels finally makes someone respond.

Would be great if just the standard email form worked instead of all these shenanigans.

My email used to contact support is the same one I used to create this account.

Have you tried the Click and Grow Product and Service FB page? In my experience, using this to connect with them is the fastest way.

Thanks for the info Gene. I’ll try using that one the next time there’s an issue.

After my numerous emails/posts & hitting-up their twitter, it’s finally worked. But good to know of another route to try in the future.

I’ve noticed that requests can take a few days to get responses. Especially after all the holidays. But I’ve NEVER known C&G to just ignore an issue. I realize your issue must be pressing but they’re usually really good about resolving problems. :upside_down_face:


Sure, a few days I can deal with, it was the holidays. However their last email was onDec 28th saying “things are on their way and you will get shipping details” nothing has been sent, and no notifications on why there is a delay.

Taking almost an entire month to respond, after I’ve sent MULTIPLE new requests asking for an update on why the pods haven’t been shipped, and then only responding after hitting up their forums, is pretty shameful.

I am having this same issue now. I can sent multiple emails and contacted them on facebook messenger and posted a comment on their most recent post. Does anyone have any help for me?

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@Rosie_Lee, I apologize for the delay! I forwarded your post to the support.



Hello Sabrina!

We apologise for the long wait and lack of updates.
I did receive your latest email to support and replied earlier today.
Hope you can see the reply from me.

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All Smart Garden 9 colors are back in stock now.
We are sorry for the long wait and confusion.
You are welcome to place a new order on our web store.

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