My lamp has Stopped Working!

After about three weeks of good performance, my Click and Grow Garden lamp has stopped working. No green light, no red light, no blue lights…no lights at all. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions before my cute little plants all die?

My lamp has also stopped working all of a sudden today!!! There’s no problem with the electricity supply. I even unplugged and plugged the device but the lamp is still not on.


I’m sorry to hear that your lamp stopped working. If plugging out (at least for 10 seconds) and plugging in again does not help, contact with Click & Grow customer support to get a new light as fast as possible. Until the new light is being shipped, you can grow plants next to the window, daylight is sufficient to keep your plants alive.

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My lamps have stopped working suddenly as well. I emailed the support yesterday but have not heard anything back yet.
I have only had for 2 weeks. I have tried all of the suggestions for unplugging and plugging in. Now I am afraid that my plants will die. They are all growing really well. Was so pleased and now I am concerned they will not survive.

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Dear @Debra_Alves,

what kind of smart garden do you have? If nothing works to restart it, definitely let the support know about this issue and they will find a solution for you.

I have a smart garden 9. It has been 3 days since I have emailed the company. My plants were doing great but are not looking too good now. I have them in a window but there is much less daylight at this time of year.

Thanks for replying.

Really sorry to hear that @Debra_Alves,

I will forward your email address (the one you use in the gardeners’ forum) to our support team on your behalf.