Lamp broken after 5 days of working perfectly

Hi My plants have just started growing (not all have sprouted yet) after 5 days of everything working perfectly the lamp stopped working, have not heard back from customer support yet but worried the plants (and plants not sprouted yet) won’t make it! please help

Hi @newbie1, welcome to the community!

What kind of garden are you using?

Can you tell us what happened exactly? Could it be that the power went off (without you knowing) and that’s why the built-in timer has a new cycle now…

Thanks @Mirjam It’s a garden 9, the outlets work fine with other appliances, I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in the light will still not turn on. I then left it unplugged for an hr and plugged it back in for a few hours. It didn’t turn on.

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@Mirjam wondering if you have any tips to get in contact with support quicker as it has already been a few days and still no response. I live in northern Canada and only have 3 hours of daylight so I don’t think my plants will last much longer without support.

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I understand your concern. I will notify our support team on your behalf. Did you submit your ticket with the same email address as you have an account here in the gardeners’ forum?

Yes I used the same email address, thank you so much for your help!

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I’m happy to help! :relaxed: