Click & Grow 25 and Plant Compatibility


I see the 25 product restricts subscriptions to leafy greens exclusively. Is there a reason for this? Is this not a product that can be optimized for pods available in other subscriptions?

Ready to purchase the product as a gift to a family member, but under the condition that they are not restricted in what plants they can subscribe to, or if they are, why that is.



The 25 works in a 5 week cycle and all the plants offered are meant to be ready in that time. Many plants like fruiting plants take waaay longer.

You can however switch to a “freestyle” mode and you can grow anything you like however the results are not as good since you can’t use the pro cups and the 25 is too cramped to grow a lot of bigger plants, you have to leave some spots empty.

25 is a leafy greens factory, if you want to experiment and try everything I suggest a different model.

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I’m doing all sorts of experimenting in mine


Wow! Can we get a tour? :open_mouth: Did you change the lighting cycle for some gardens too?
Are those tomatoes and zucchini both repotted from a smart garden?

I can’t help to notice that you have some slits between trays. It’s best to push them back together to keep the tank covered from the lights otherwise it will need thorough cleaning soon. So great to see experimenting with the CG25 system, for a gardener, it’s a great tool for seed starting and propagating. :slight_smile:

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