Lettuce for Click and Grow 25

I’m interested in purchasing multiple Click and Grow 25 units for my restaurant. Each unit will be producing only lettuce.

My concern is spacing for each head of lettuce. I understand the unit can fit 25 plants per level, but will there be enough space if all I’m growing is lettuce?

Will it stunt the lettuce growth? Or should I mix in other plants to make it work?

Also, how long does it take to grow lettuce? I need 50 heads per week.

Does the system have a pump?

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Hi @MrPhantastic, welcome to the community!

Click and Grow 25 was created to grow edible greens in a continuous 5-week cycle, so one unit would provide 5 lettuces per week- every week.
This spacing is just enough that all greens are harvest-ready in 5 weeks after planting. We are using loose leaf type lettuce varieties, that do perfectly well with this layout and provide enough baby-leaf sized leaves just in 5 weeks. If you wish, you can grow only one type of greens or mix different types of greens to your liking.
The system does not have a pump. Plants are watered thanks to a passive wick system that is completely silent.