Grow Lights randomly flash red and white pattern while off sg9pro

As the title states … Any ideas? Have I missed something? is my sg9pro faulty?

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Flashing lights indicate that lights are in pairing mode and can be paired with Click and Grow App via Bluetooth. Read more about it in the SG9 pro product manual.

If you have any more questions about the pairing check out the Support page How to pair your device with the Bluetooth lamp?, and also you can always write to the Support

Hope it helps!

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Hi Debora thx for replying.

Unfortunately it’s not the same style of flashing one lamp to the next like when pairing with my phone. It’s a sporadic random few middle lights going red on then off a few times then turning off again.

It does seem like a fault or maybe connection issue.

My house is without WiFi currently and I have been using a hot spot occasionally so this may be related but once WiFi is back on I may need to speak to support if it is continuing as if there is a fault electronically i can’t have it plugged in and on 16hrs a day that would be quite risky.

Thx for your reply

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Alright, now I understand the problem you’re having. It probably could be a faulty light or some cord/electricity problem, yes. Then it’s best to contact our Support. The WiFI situation shouldn’t be an obstacle for a Bluetooth connection.

All the best

Good point! Too many smart items going through my head. Thanks I will do.

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