Harvesting: How do all of the edible plants taste?

I’d like to know how everyone is liking their edible plants. How do they taste? Compared to the store bought? Taste the same/better than outdoor garden plants? Favorite tasting plant?

The tomatoes aren’t very good. No taste with low yield. Dwarf peas not very good also. The herbs are pretty good. Bloody sorrel is a favorite. I do use the experimental pods mainly using my own heirloom seeds with great results. Been using the C&G for just over 3 years now. Have part of a room set up with hydroponic and soil growing systems to get us through the winter. Use the C&G units to start and transplant to larger growing containers with plant lights set up from the ceiling. Outdoor plants are always going to taste better but this system is the best I’ve used for indoor growing. Use to use another growing system and this one has the best successful yields. Once the outdoor garden gets planted, I downsize the indoor growing area for more sensitive plants.