Help! My red kale is dying

Hi my red kale is 24 days old. At the beginning it’s doing great and grow very fast but now they seems dying. What can I do? Thanks!

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Hi @Circle ,

Sorry to see that! What is the temperature range near the garden? :slight_smile:

It’s around 18-26 degree. Now it’s completely dead. I am sad cause normally I am not a plant killer.

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Ohh really sorry to see that. Something has gone wrong with kale plant pods and as basil is thriving and I can’t see any pests, it is probably just a bad batch. Temperature is perfect for kale.

Please submit a ticket here and faulty pods as such will be replaced for free.

Just in case, how is the water level? Do you always fill the tank until the float is even with the garden lid?

Thank you so much for your reply. I’d submit w ticket then coz all the kales are completely dead while the tomatoes and basil are all doing fine at the moment. I always keep the water level between half full to 3/4 full.

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My kale did the same, and the ones that grew more had leaves that were too big for the system / neighbours that dried out and fell off. Think the plants are just too big. Will focus more on pak (bok) choi, mibuna and mizuma that seem to deliver and be better sized for the systems