How long do my plants germinate?

How much time do seeds need for germination? Are there some plants that germinate faster than others? My salad rocket germinated in 2 days. However I haven’t seen any sprouts in my chili pepper refills for almost a week. Is there anything I can do to make them sprout faster?

All plants have different germination speeds. It is wonderful and normal if your salad rocket germinates in less than a week.
Peppers need longer time, even upto 3 to 4 weeks. Yes, it takes some patience to grow them in your garden! You can speed up the process if you raise the temp to 79℉ (26℃).

What is the temp now?

How would you recommend raising the temperature locally to the garden? I don’t think I could handle 26 degrees inside all day long…

Raising temperature locally can be a challenge, but may be feasible, if some rooms are warmer naturally and a garden can be moved around. For peppers, the most critical time is during germination.

For some regions 26 degrees is quite normal indoors.
Best range for peppers is starting from 72 °F (22°C).

:smile: I live in a cold climate, but this summer has been extremely warm. It’s 25 degrees indoors. I don’t like it, but I’m getting used to it (now that it’s been like this for 2 weeks now)

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I thin chilies take a while to germinate. But I find that in Click & Grow plants generally germinate really fast.