How to store and clean harvested greens

How do i store and wash arugula, romaine and kale? The app doesn’t go into that level of detail - what to do after harvesting - how to store them, do I wash them first?

With tea leaves, how to dry them, etc?

Hi @Blkqun1!

Growing plants in rotation is the easiest way to have constantly fresh plants available. When plants mature at different times, there isn’t too much to eat at once and you can use plants immediately after harvesting. Washing your plants isn’t necessary when you grow them at your home without any pesticides, fungicides etc. Just make sure to always wash your hands before touching your plants.

If you want to store arugula, romaine lettuce and kale a little longer, take a storage box, put moist paper towel in the bottom (for higher humidity) and salads on the top of it- it should keep them fresh for a couple of days.
Tea plants can be dried in several different ways (depends on the air humidity). When there is a low air humidity, herbs can be dried in the air- spread them out on the surface (takes 2-5 days usually). If you have higher air humidity at home, it can be done in a herb dryer or in the oven (very good ventilation, 40-50 degrees celsius).

I hope this was helpful,

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