Hydrogen peroxide

Hello everybodyđź‘‹

Since @Debora informed me about Hydrogen peroxide mixture (one part of hydrogen peroxide (3%) with four parts of water) I keep adding this to fresh water.
I even got brave enough to spray such a solution directly on a new pod instead of closing the new pods with their lids or using cinnamon. It works fine! No more worrying about mold!

But now I have to ask a very stupid question:
Is a 3%-hydrogen-peroxide solution in water 1:4 equal to a 6%-hydrogen-peroxide solution 1:8?
It would be logical, but is it right?
I run out of 3%, but could buy 6%.
Can someone please help me.
Thank you all for reading.

Basically you add equal amount of water to halve the concentration of the solution.

100 ml 6% + 100 ml 0% = 200ml 3%

Here is a calculator for this:

Thank you👍That’s what I thought.
Simple Maths. That is logical.

But on the other hand🤔logic in maths?
Keyword: axioms!:flushed:

Happy Indoor Gardening🍀