Identification for Petunia and polka dots plant

I got a vibrant flower mix set, and just recently tried 1 pod of polka dot and 1 pod of Petunia. However, I forgot to label them when I put them into the pot and hence I lost track of which pod was which plant.

The polka dot grew well and was quite obvious so I assumed the other pod with be Petunia, but today I just spotted a “polka dot” on what I assumed to be Petunia. Now I am lost.

So Petunia leaves have polka dots too?

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Both plants seem to be Polka Dots yep! It could be that the seeds have ‘‘travelled’’ between the pods, as some of the seeds aren’t attached to the pod and because they are in the same package maybe they have jumped to another pod while transportation or handling.

Petunia seedlings might look similar at first but they should be a little bit hairy and they don’t have the dots on them.

Sorry for this inconvenience, you can also contact Support who can replace it with Petunia pods. You can say you were sent there from Gardeners forum :smiley:

Oh no. Lol. Am pretty sad. Haha. Now I ain’t sure which pod is which plant. Haha. Thanks for your help anyway

Sorry… I do hope that the next pods are petunias.
You’re welcome anytime.