Indeterminate or determinate tomatoes?

Hi! Do we know if the mini tomato plants that are sold with the unit (tomato-basil-lettuce), OR if the yellow tomato plants sold separately are DETERMINATE or INDETERMINATE plants? Here’s why I ask…Mini-tomatoes tend to be indeterminate, but Dwarf plants (in general) tend to be determinate. Have not heard back from C&G customer service.

Hi, the tomato plants that Click and Grow uses are determinate dwarf cultivars, this means that both plants and fruits are small and fit nicely to the Smart Garden and Wall Farm concept.


After having grown one round of Click N Grow tomatoes, I will tell you the determinate plant produced just one “crop” of roughly a dozen mini tomatoes. As my grandpa says, barely enough to fill a couple hollow teeth. Oh well, it was a fun science project for the kids to observe during Covid spring/summer

I thought the same thing then I moved them outside. I’m fortunate to live in Miami. The tomatoes are producing at quadruple the rate and they’ve been going for 6 months now with no signs of slowing down. I use a grow light for 8 hours. Although you can’t see them all, there are 24 tomatoes on these 3 plants and double the number of flowers.