Monthly challenge - let's grow Thyme together!


Proudly presenting our first monthly challenge - Let’s grow Thyme together!:seedling:

We just planted our Thyme seeds in our office, and we are inviting you to join, this is a perfect opportunity if you haven’t grown Thyme before!

-Plant and purchase your Thyme pods at the beginning of November.

-Share your weekly growth in our group and community forum, as we do the same!

  • At the end of the month, we will compare our growth.

  • We will randomly choose one of the participants to win two Plant Pod packs of your choice and a special discount code off of any purchase after the challenge is over.

If you want to participate but don’t have a stock of Thyme Plant Pods at home, you can use the discount code NovChallenge15 to get your Thyme Plant Pod-15% off until the 10th of November -



We planted our Thyme pods in our office today. Join us!:seedling:


My baby thyme, planted on November 6th. :slight_smile:


Baby thyme at the one week mark.


First two weeks for our Thyme pods!


Well, I’m restricted to the amount of pictures/posts I can put up, being a new user. Attached is a picture of my Thyme this AM. Looking forward to cooking with it!


Week 4!


Four weeks for our Thyme pods!