Monthly challenge - let's grow Thyme together!


Proudly presenting our first monthly challenge - Let’s grow Thyme together!:seedling:

We just planted our Thyme seeds in our office, and we are inviting you to join, this is a perfect opportunity if you haven’t grown Thyme before!

-Plant and purchase your Thyme pods at the beginning of November.

-Share your weekly growth in our group and community forum, as we do the same!

  • At the end of the month, we will compare our growth.

  • We will randomly choose one of the participants to win two Plant Pod packs of your choice and a special discount code off of any purchase after the challenge is over.

If you want to participate but don’t have a stock of Thyme Plant Pods at home, you can use the discount code NovChallenge15 to get your Thyme Plant Pod-15% off until the 10th of November -

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We planted our Thyme pods in our office today. Join us!:seedling:


My baby thyme, planted on November 6th. :slight_smile:


Baby thyme at the one week mark.


First two weeks for our Thyme pods!


Well, I’m restricted to the amount of pictures/posts I can put up, being a new user. Attached is a picture of my Thyme this AM. Looking forward to cooking with it!


Week 4!


Four weeks for our Thyme pods!


Was there enough participation for someone to win the pods?!?


Yes there where, congratulations @steffers18! Just sent you a DM. :slight_smile:


Anymore future challenges? This looks like fun.


Hi! There will certainly be new challenges! Stay tuned!


Hi when will the new monthly chalange begin


Hey @Joonatan_Oras. When will the next Monthly Challenge Be?


Hey @Joonatan_Oras .When will the next monthly challenge be ?


Hi, @Max ! We currently have two challenges taking place in our FB Click & Growers group. Smart Garden growth competition and the monthly quiz - Feel free to join!


Is it possible to sync challenges and do the same challenge on Facebook and ?