One of the Basil stem and leaves are yellowing

Hi everyone! I’m new to gardening and got the Click & Grow hoping to break the black thumb curse lol. Anyway, I used 2 Basil pods and 1 cornflower as my first plants. One of the Basil pod had 5 seeds germinated, but only 2 of them are steadying growing, the others are stumped. The past few days, I noticed that one of the stem is turning yellow all over, but the other smaller ones are still green. What can be the cause? Here’s a photo

, hope someone can help!

Another angle


First thing I notice is that the germination rate is quite low.

Yellowish leaves on Basil suggest that there is lack of nutrients. Sometimes nutrients are not released as fast as needed for the plant. Also, sometimes, if the temps are too low or if there is a cold breeze- it acts like this too (regardless if there is enough plant food available in the soil).

What are your growing conditions?