Plants covered with yellow spots

I have noticed, that basil has changed its color from dark green to light. Also some dry yellow spots appeared. Lettuce also has some dry spots. Tomatoes have similar symptoms and look weak. Could it be some common disease?

All the plants were planted 35 days ago.



It is probably not an organic disease.

Mini Tomato- you plants look perfect. It is a dwarf cultivar and they are about in their max size now. Make sure you pollinate the flowers. You may experience some leaf yellowing soon as the plants starts to form fruits. It is perfectly ok and you can just remove some leaves if you like to.

Sweet basil and green lettuce- This yellowing may be caused by some nutrient deficiency. Sometimes, plant food is not released in the soil as the plant needs to. Plants in CG systems grow quite fast is the environment is favorable and there might be nutrient deficiency. (Seems the environment at your location is perfect!) Also, as plant grow faster they also tend to age faster. I would cut them back/harvest according to plant care tips (that you can find under plant pods on CG webstore). And, seems that basil will be stealing the lights from tomato soon- cut basil back for sure.
As you tomato is already flowering, it seems that lettuce pods also have exceeded the harvesting time- little over a month (if started at the same time). Please keep harvesting times in mind next time and you will not loose your yield.

If you have more questions, please, let us know!


Cutting basil and removing ugly leaves is a normal practice which I use in similar cases.

But your garden looks nice overall!