Perennial plant pods


I was wondering which of the pods currently offered by click and grow are perennial plants?

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Hi @Grower123

Great question! There are many perennials in Click and Grow plant selection, but they may not act as perennials in all regions.

Do you have a specific plant in mind?

I was wondering about Hyssop, Sorrel, and Red Pansy? I live in zone 5A. Thank you!

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Hyssop and Sorrel should do fine in zone 5. Not sure if you can keep Pansies overwinter in Zone 5, they are biennials and may survive winter if a winter cover is provided.
Iā€™m in Europe zones 5/6 and had Pansies overwintering several times. Hyssop is a happy perennial in my outdoor garden in a drier spot and I only have as green sorrel as a perennial, bloody sorrel has not survived the winter in my experience.