Plant does not grow and mold forms on the surface

I planted Experimental Plant Pods about three weeks ago. After three weeks nothing sprouted and mold began to spread on the surface.

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Dear @Riccio65,

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Did you add seeds? Or, which species did use sow?

Hello Miriam, thank you for your reply, I have not added any seeds and this is what I planted." Experimental Plant Pods"

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Hi, I understand. This Experimental plant pod allows you to grow anything, but you need to add your own seeds. It allows you to experiment with species that are not available in Click and Grow plant pod selection.

You can still add your own seeds, just wipe off the mold and choose what you want to grow in your indoor garden.

Ok… I understand now. I thought those colored balls that were inside were seeds.:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: