Plants that grow well together


Which plants are best grown together at the same time? The tea and cooking enthusiasts among us would love to know!

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I would combine catnip, lemon balm and sage. They grow well together and make nice tea.

Also thyme, oregano and marjoram make a nice combo. They all have a similar trailing growth habit.

Hyssop, rosemary and lavandula would also be my guess. They all grow a bit longer and have similar growth characteristics.

If taste is the only criteria - hyssop. A great and underrated plant.


This is such a helpful thread. Hate to see it fading. Could we have more recommendations?


I would recommend to grow 3 different chilies together:
Purple Chili, Red Hot Chili and Chili.
And 3 Basil combo is also beautiful and tasty:
Sweet Basil, Red Basil and Thai Basil


One option to get a nice decorative and minimal looking Click & Grow garden would be combining chives and cockscomb. Also chilies and thyme look good together!