Suggestion for new salad - black seeded simpson


I had some time to grow my own seeds that I got locally, and I found that black seeded simpson seems to be a nice thing to grow in this system.

CU AssetBurned :wink:

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That’s a classic, indeed a very popular variety in indoor as well as outdoor growing. Thanks for the suggestion!
Are you using Grow Anything pods for them?
In which way is it better than the Green Lettuce that C&G offers?

Well I reused some of the original pods I had harvested as well as some third party ones.
I have a local store here in town on the way for my daily shopping, that is selling your products. I poke them every now and then for those pods, but either I come just when they are out of them or when they are waiting for the new delivery… but I will get them eventually, like I said in the other posting, the quality of your pods I better. I just want to combine it with keeping the local shops around.
They do have one of the 3 pod ones on in use on display all the time.

About the difference, I think it has a bit of different flavour and it looks more like a big salad head when grown.