Venus Fly Trap - Planting a C&G Pod in the Same Smart Garden?

Hi everyone, it’s my first post here. I’ve just got a Smart Garden 3 and transplanted my Venus Fly Trap to it. Did so because my VFT was on the brink of death and the C&G lighting was the perfect solution to reviving it.

Was hoping Noah could help me out here, I read his 2017 article on growing a VFT in a C&G Smart Garden but can’t find a link to reach him.

Anyway I’ve got a small question to ask, I want to plant a C&G plant pod in the same Smart Garden 3. As VFTs are highly sensitive to nutrients and requires its own nutrient-deficient media (it’s currently in peat moss with perlite), it has got to stay away from all forms of nutrients, including the nutrient-rich Smart Soil of the C&G plant pods.

My question is:
Will nutrients from a C&G pod seep down through the water-transmitting wick, contaminate the water, and make its way up into the VFT’s media and roots? If that happens, it will surely kill my VFT.

Thanks in advance if anyone with experience in keeping carnivorous plants in a C&G Smart Garden has any advice for me.


I believe the stems draw up water one way and do not allow any nutrients from the pods to divulge into the water reservoir. Unless maybe if you would water the pods from the top. But even then there should not be a problem.


Hi Kurt, thanks for your reply. I think the water should go one way too. Will do an update on the progress of the plants in time to come. :camera_flash:



It’s been two months since I put my VFT into its first Smart Graden 3. It’s been thriving since then, and now it’s in a new Smart Garden 9.

A trumpet pitcher is the latest addition to the family. I like how it’s grown the Splatoon 2 colours. :grin:

So for those who intend to keep carnivorous plants in a C&G, it’s possible! Its irrigation works well if you’re using peat moss and perlite, and its grow lights are ideal.

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Where do you buy these plants from and where do you buy the dirt from??
Also tip don’t feed plant tap water because it contains minerals which are deadly to vft’s also no mineral added water (example: Kirkland) I would use Poland spring.

Hi Max, they’re from here:

It’s a store located in Thomson Plaza mall.

The plants are already potted when I purchase them so I just reuse the same potting medium in a C&G cup. It’s a mix of peat moss and perlite.

Although I only use pure distilled water, it is actually perfectly fine to water carnivorous plants with Singapore tap water. I have a TDS pen to measure the PPM levels. Local water supply has a reading of about 50ppm, which is more than safe for carnivorous plants. The reason why I use distilled water is to reduce the mineral buildup on the inside of the C&G tank.

Isn’t Poland Spring bottled mineral water? Doesn’t that make it high in minerals, the opposite of what carnivorous plants can accept?

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Hi Fred. Thanks for the information. I recently purchased a Venus fly trap myself and started researching what they need to thrive. My plant wasn’t looking healthy so I started collecting rain water and the plant is coming back. I’m going to get that small grow setup for my vft. Just perlite and pete moss is all that is needed for the growing medium? Your plant looks great compared to the first photo you showed. Congratulations.

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