What are Chives supposed to look like?

How are the chives supposed to look? Mine look like the attachment (the tab has an old name)- is there something wrong with them?


at a very early stage Chives looks fragile. But not that fragile as yours is.

I see 3 problems here:

  • The label says “Cilantro” :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Peppermint and basil are stealing the light from your chives. You should cut back those two (you do want to consume it, right?) or plant 3 chives next time at once, by doing so you eliminate competition (for light) between the pods.
  • unfortunately Smart Herb Garden is not fully perfect for all the plant pods that C&G has to offer, due to somewhat weaker lights. Maybe placing your garden on a window with some extra sunlight would help your chives to grow.

Have you been considering upgrading to Smart Garden 3 or 9?

Thank you. The tab in an old one. I cut the basil and peppermint. I don’t have a window to put my garden near. Is there anything else I can do?

Well done!
Just make sure that your chives gets enough light now and give it some time to recover. It should look much better already in a week.