White fungus around plant

Hi I have gifted one SG3 to my friend. Location India - Pune.

It contains BusyLizzie flower plant pods.Somehow on the top of the plant pod white fungus is getting generated every time. We removed the fungus once with the stick it reappeared the next day… and looks like the plant is also not growing healthily. I am attaching a picture here for your reference. Please suggest what we can do…busyLizzie_Manjiri

Warm Regards

Sometimes fungus from the air can be very aggressive. This kind of fluffy white is quite rare.
But the plant looks okay. I hope that if the plant grows larger, it will overgrow the fungus and everything will be alright.

Fingers crossed.

Out of curiosity how did it go with your Busy Lizzie and the mold?


Sorry to reply so late! The busy Lizzie was okay for some more time but now I have replanted it outside as it was more than 4 months. And the petunia also did well after I removed all wilted leaves. Now I have shifted it out in a pot.
The mold - actually I removed it with a small stick… but later the plant overtook the mold and started to grow… I did not do much…